Why We're Here

Welcome to the Spiritual Formation website for Yale Divinity School!

Students in ChapelHere you will find links to programs sponsored by or hosted at Yale Divinity School, including the Annand Program run under the auspices of Berkeley Divinity School and Bible study groups that take place on or near the YDS campus.

You may explore the rich and varied opportunities for worship in the Greater New Haven area through the "Local Worship" link in the left sidebar. Or consider other spiritual formation resources such as labyrinth installations in Connecticut and retreat centers throughout New England.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, there are many exciting opportunities for meditation, worship, and connections in community here. May God bless your seeking and your finding!

Statement of Purpose 

The Committee for Spiritual Formation and the Practice of Faith exists to promote  the Yale Divinity School mission to foster the knowledge and love of God by cultivating further integration of academic excellence and the vibrant practice of faith among students, faculty, and staff. Recognizing and honoring the rich diversity of cultures, faith traditions, and spiritual practices represented at Yale Divinity School, the Committee pursues its mission in three related ways:

  1. by strengthening opportunities for reflection and dialogue concerning the integration of academic learning and the practice of faith in our pedagogy and community life;
  2. by working collaboratively with other YDS groups to establish curricular and para-curricular supports for discernment and training in devotional  practices as appropriate to denominational expectations for ordained and lay leadership;
  3. by identifying and publicizing spiritual formation resources available to students on the YDS/Berkeley/ISM campus and in the wider community.

Goals as Established by the Faculty

Students will exhibit the requisite capacities for a life of pastoral leadership or professional ministry, showing evidence of an ability to articulate faith in God, and the integration of that faith with academic work. Further, students will show a knowledge of and sensitivity to diversity within the Christian tradition. To that end, they will have participated in the worship life of the school and/or a local congregation, and/or individual and communal practices of prayer or spiritual disciplines. Students will exhibit a commitment to peace and justice and the dignity and safety of all, and that they are emotionally mature, able to take initiative and practice self-care, and to work effectively with other people and within institutional structures. Students will be aware of the broad range of YDS activities and opportunities available for their Spiritual Formation.

The faculty has also specified that students need to engage in individual and communal practices of prayer or spiritual disciplines in dialogue with an experienced mentor, spiritual director, faculty member, pastor, or retreat leader.